Material: Aluminium
Reflective/Non Reflective: Reflective
Dimensions: 450mm x 300mm
Sale price$36


Promote safe and responsible driving with our Narrow Road signs

AS 1319 specifies that these signs warn of conditions that are NOT likely to be life-threatening if the message is ignored. The symbol used is a yellow equilateral triangle with a black enclosure.

Narrow Road Safety Signs are essential visual aids that warn drivers and pedestrians of upcoming sections of the road with limited width. These signs typically feature clear symbols, text, and colours to ensure visibility and comprehension.

By prominently displaying these signs, road authorities aim to increase awareness and promote cautious driving behaviour in narrow road conditions. These signs serve as a crucial reminder to reduce speed, exercise extra caution, and be prepared for potential encounters with oncoming vehicles or obstacles.

They improve road safety by providing advance warnings and encouraging motorists to navigate narrow roadways safely and responsibly. Shop “WARNING: Narrow Road” signs online at Safety Signs Australia — we offer durable materials, including Colorbond Steel, aluminium, corflute, and PVC foam board.

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