Hazchem Signs: Hazard Signs Austraila

Our Hazchem signs meet legislation requirements in Australia, keeping workplaces safe with the best quality around.

Hazchem signs are used on vehicles and storage containers to display the fact that they are storing or transporting dangerous chemicals or substances.

There is a range of different Hazchem classifications with their own unique properties and hazardous specifications. These signs are essential in Australia in case of an emergency, accident or spillage, giving firefighters or policemen more information about the chemicals they’re dealing with.

These signs can make all the difference in the safety of emergency services. Keep our firies and police safe with the correct Hazchem signage.

At Safety Signs Australia, our signs meet the requirements of Australian Government Legislation. We’re committed to improving the safety of public spaces, businesses, and workplaces – so our signs are designed to meet the law.

Our signs come in a range of durable materials including Colorbond Steel, aluminum, high impact poly, and vinyl laminate. These materials are made tough and we add an additional laminate coating to prevent your signs from cracking, peeling or chipping over time.

This coating is essential for Hazchem signs as these are often outdoors in the sun or exposed to elements, chemicals, and substances. We add this laminate coating for free to ensure your signs are the best quality available.

Browse our range of standard Hazchem signs online or if you need something more specific, contact our team and we can custom design Hazchem signs for you. Just let us know your unique specifications and we’ll work through the design process to ensure you get what you need.

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