Material: Aluminium
Reflective/Non Reflective: Reflective
Dimensions: 270mm x 270mm
Sale price$37


Flammable Gas 2 Signs protect workplaces in Australia from hazardous gas leaks

Note: AS 1216-1995 specifies the relevant "designs, layout and size". These signs are prescribed in the "Australian Dangerous Goods Code" and various State Government "Dangerous Goods, Storage and Handling Regulations".

These signs are designed to warn personnel of flammable gases, such as methane or propane, so prompt action can be taken to mitigate any risks.

Our safety signs can be mounted onto walls or placed near a detection source for easy identification — ideal for industrial sites and factories.

Crafted from high-quality materials like Colorbond Steel, Corflute, aluminium and high-impact polycarbonate, each sign can withstand long-term exposure to humidity, dust and other environmental conditions.

With clear and visible messaging, our Flammable Gas 2 Signs provide simple yet effective warnings to workers that may come into contact with the hazards of flammable gas. Shop Flammable Gas 2 Signs online for fast and free shipping on orders over $100, or contact us to organise custom signage for your workplace.

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