Fire Safety Signs

Protect visitors and team members with our extensive range of Australian fire signs 

All venues and workplaces in Australia need reliable fire safety measures. For example, fire fighting equipment like fire extinguishers and fire blankets is crucial, along with high vis fire safety signs to ensure team members and visitors know what to do in the event of an emergency.

At Safety Signs Australia, we’re committed to keeping Australian businesses and venues safe from fire danger. We’ve developed an extensive range of fire safety and fire notice signs in bright, recognisable colours and tough materials, so you can feel safe in the event of a fire.

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Fire safety signs are a legal requirement in Australia 

Australian Workplace OHS legislation states that all premises (workplace, community spaces, or otherwise) must have emergency exits and escape routes clearly marked for fast, simple evacuation in the event of an emergency.

In our online store, we have a large selection of fire exit signs to ensure that your business complies with current Australian Workplace Standards. Discover a wide range of vibrant, recognisable fire notice signs, including but not limited to: 

  • Combined hydrant and sprinkler booster signs
  • Assembly point signs
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Emergency eyewash signs
  • Emergency shower signs
  • Emergency stairs signs
  • Emergency stop signs
  • Fire alarm signs
  • Fire blanket signs
  • Fire door signs

Our fire safety signs cover a wide range of dangerous situations and scenarios. However, if you can’t find the fire notice signs you need, make sure to get in touch with our team. Let us know what colours, materials, sizing, and symbols you need, and we’ll create a custom fire safety sign for your business.

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Durable, long-lasting materials. Our fire safety signs are made to go the distance. 

Along with recognisable colours and designs, our signs come in a range of high quality, high impact materials like Colorbond Steel, aluminium, high impact poly, and laminated vinyl decal.

We also offer a free laminate with every order, so your signs won’t peel, fade, or crack over time. Whether they’re displayed indoors or outdoors in the sun, our signs will withstand the elements and keep your premises safe for years to come.

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