Material: Aluminium
Reflective/Non Reflective: Reflective
Dimensions: 450mm x 300mm
Sale price$36


Guarantee a safe and efficient evacuation with our Emergency Assembly Area signs

Emergency Assembly Area Signs are prominent visual markers that direct individuals to designated safe locations during emergencies or evacuations. These signs use distinct symbols, colours, and text, ensuring clear visibility and comprehension even in chaotic situations.

By prominently displaying these signs, organisations prioritise the safety and well-being of employees, visitors, and the general public, providing clear guidance on where to gather after evacuating a building or premises.

These signs act as crucial reference points, facilitating efficient accountability and communication during emergency response efforts and enabling emergency personnel to swiftly locate and ensure the safety of all individuals. They contribute to a prepared and organised response, fostering a culture of safety and preparedness within the organisation or facility.

Order Emergency Assembly Area Signs online at Safety Signs Australia. We offer free shipping on orders over $100 and durable materials like Colorbond Steel, corflute, aluminium, and PVC foam board.

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