Danger Signs

Keep your team safe from harm with the largest range of warning signs in Australia.

There are countless dangers associated with construction sites, mining sites, and other hands-on trades. 

For example, construction workers are exposed to high voltage areas, heavy machinery, explosives and demolition, falling objects, and complete high-temperature welding (depending on the construction site). These workers often put themselves at risk to finish the project.

It’s crucial to provide high vis danger signs in hazardous workplaces. Sometimes the safest option isn’t the most obvious, so it’s essential to remind team members and visitors of the risks associated with certain areas on-site.

We offer a wide range of danger signs to meet your unique needs and requirements 

At Safety Signs Australia, we want to encourage safe work practices, which is why we custom make danger signs for a wide range of workplace applications. 

For example, we stock electric board danger signs to remind team members to keep the door locked and avoid danger. This sign comes in black and an eye-catching yellow – there’s no missing the electric board danger sign.

We also stock a wide range of other danger signs, including but not limited to:

  • Voltage danger signs
  • Authorised personnel signs
  • Acid danger signs
  • Asbestos danger signs
  • Blasting danger signs
  • Buried cable danger signs
  • Chemical waste danger signs
  • Do not enter: construction site danger signs
  • Confined space danger signs
  • Corrosive danger signs

No matter the danger or hazard, we can make a custom sign to make your workplace a safer place for visitors and team members alike.

The toughest warning signs Australia has to offer 

Danger signs should be made to withstand the elements and never crack, wear, or fade. 

Our signs are made with tough, long-lasting materials to ensure your danger signs are visible at all times. Materials include high impact poly, laminated vinyl decal, aluminium, and Colorbond Steel – all designed to go the distance and keep your workplace safe for years to come.

We’re Australia’s one-stop-shop for danger signs. We offer competitive, affordable pricing and custom designs to meet your needs. Get in touch today for custom safety signs, or shop now.

Shop the widest range of danger and warning signs Australia has to offer, or get a custom sign printed today.