Material: Aluminium
Reflective/Non Reflective: Reflective
Dimensions: 450mm x 300mm
Sale price$36


Promote seamless communication in the workplace with our Out of Service Signs

Out of Service Signs are essential visual indicators that communicate the temporary unavailability or non-functionality of equipment, facilities, or areas. These signs feature clear and recognisable symbols, colours, and text, ensuring visibility and comprehension.

By prominently displaying these signs, organisations prioritise the safety and well-being of individuals, preventing potential accidents or inconveniences.

These signs serve as informative markers, alerting personnel, visitors, or the public about the unavailability of specific resources, equipment maintenance, or repair work being conducted. They contribute to effective communication, managing expectations, and ensuring that individuals are aware of alternative options or necessary precautions during the period when the equipment or area is out of service.

All workplaces need to be fitted with the appropriate signage to help minimise risks in the workplace, and signage needs to be AS 1319 compliant. Shop Out of Service Signs online at Safety Signs Australia — our signs are specifically designed to meet Australian safety standards.

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