Construction Signs & Site Safety Signs

Keep construction workers safe on-site with our range of high vis construction site safety signs

Construction sites can be hazardous for construction workers, visitors, and the general public alike. Those who work on or around construction sites are often exposed to falling objects, dangerous demolition, dust, chemicals, and the use of heavy machinery.

The working conditions are fraught with danger. It’s crucial to display construction site safety signs to encourage safe work practices and create a stronger awareness of hazards on construction sites.

At Safety Signs Australia, we make custom construction site signs to meet your unique needs and standards. With a wide range of high impact materials and countless variations of work signs, you’re sure to find the ideal signage for your workplace.

Building site signs are a legal requirement in construction 

Construction site safety signs are a legal requirement in Australia. Workplace health and safety legislation states anyone on or near a construction site must be warned of all hazardous activities related to the building project.

In order to be compliant with this legislation, the site manager must ensure a range of building site health and safety signs are displayed (depending on the size of the construction site).

This must be done before construction can start. Without appropriate building site construction signs, you’re putting the construction team at risk and gunning for a fine from the local government.

Construction work signs in a range of high-impact, long-lasting materials 

Our team is committed to keeping your construction site safe and compliant. We have a wide range of options to choose from, including but not limited to:

  • Demolition in progress signs
  • Authorised personnel only signs
  • Confined space danger signs
  • Compressed air beware signs
  • Chemical waste storage signs
  • Blasting: no admittance signs
  • Beware of traffic, pit, vehicles, and cranes signs
  • Visitors must sign in at office signs
  • Voltage warning signs
  • Safety first signs

Our signs are made with the finest, long-lasting materials to ensure your construction site signs are visible at all times. Materials include high impact poly, laminated vinyl decal, aluminium, and Colorbond Steel.

We’re Australia’s one-stop-shop for building site signs. We offer competitive, affordable pricing and custom designs to meet your needs. Get in touch today for custom safety signs, or shop now.

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