Foot Protection Must Be Worn In This Area Signs


Material: Aluminium
Reflective/Non Reflective: Reflective
Dimensions: 300mm x 150mm
Sale price$32


Prevent injuries on-site with our “Food Protection Must Be Worn In This Area” signs

"Foot Protection Must Be Worn in This Area" safety signs are prominently displayed visual cues that emphasise the importance of wearing appropriate protective footwear within designated zones. These signs feature clear and concise messaging and recognisable symbols, drawing immediate attention to the requirement.

By alerting individuals to potential hazards such as falling objects, heavy machinery, or slippery surfaces, these signs help mitigate the risk of foot injuries in the workplace. They serve as a constant reminder for employees, contractors, and visitors to prioritise their safety by wearing protective footwear, reducing the likelihood of accidents, and promoting a culture of proactive risk management.

Customise and order “Foot Protection Must Be Worn In This Area” signs online at Safety Signs Australia. We offer various material options, including Colorbond Steel, aluminium, and PVC foam board.

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