Hazard Signs & Warning Signs

Don’t risk a potential accident on your premises. Check out our range of warning signs and hazard safety signs, available in a range of high impact materials.

Warning signs and hazard signs can make people aware of potential accidents and injuries on your property or in the workplace.

In accordance with compliance guidelines, AS 1319 specifies hazard signs warn of conditions that are not likely to be life-threatening if the message is ignored. The symbol used to denote a hazard warning sign is a yellow equilateral triangle with a black enclosure.

At Safety Signs Australia, we produce the largest range of warning and hazard signs in Australia for various industries, including construction and nursing.

Our signs are available in a range of high impact materials depending on the needs of your work site. We can create signs in Colorbond Steel, high impact poly, aluminum, and vinyl laminate, plus we add on a free laminate coating to prevent your signs from cracking, chipping or peeling over time. Your signs will be made to withstand the elements.

Need a specific warning or hazard sign? At Safety Signs Australia, we’re committed to improving safety throughout Australia, which is why we create custom signage based on your specific needs. Just get in touch with the team from Safety Signs Australia and provide some details about the signs you need.

We’ll run through the design process with you and print the signs in bright, recognisable colours. We can have custom signs ready to be sent to your business within a matter of days.

Browse our extensive range of hazard and warning signs online now. When you order online with Safety Signs Australia, we can have your signs shipped to you at record speeds for an amazingly low price. Shop online now!