Hazard Signs & Warning Signs

Don’t risk a potential accident on your premises. Check out our range of safety hazard signs, available in a range of high impact materials. 

Warning signs and safety hazard signs can make people aware of potential hazards in the workplace. In accordance with compliance guidelines, AS 1319 specifies hazard signs warn people of conditions which are not life-threatening, but should not be ignored. 

Warning signs feature a black banner, bold black text, and silhouettes of potential risks on a vibrant yellow background. These signs are impossible to miss and recognisable to all Australians.

At Safety Signs Australia, we produce the largest range of warning and safety hazard signs in Australia. Covering various industries like construction and nursing, you’re sure to find the ideal warning signs to improve the safety of your workplace or premises.

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The most extensive range of warning and hazard signs in Australia

We know all workplaces have their own unique risks and hazards, which is why we’ve developed a diverse collection of warning and safety hazard signs to keep all Australian workplaces safe from harm.

Our extensive range includes:

  • Keep this space/exit clear signs
  • Keep road/path clear signs
  • Men working above/below signs
  • No admittance signs
  • No smoking signs
  • Risk of explosion signs
  • Keep off/out signs
  • Keep door closed signs
  • High voltage signs
  • Hazardous chemicals signs
  • And more!

Can’t find the ideal warning sign for your premises? Get in touch with our team to have a custom sign made for your workplace.

Our signs are made in-house at our New South Wales workshop, so let us know the required colours, materials, sign sizing, and symbols you need and we’ll print a custom sign in bright, recognisable colours.

We’ll even throw in a free laminate coating on all orders. This will ensure your security hazard signs resist cracking, peeling, and fading over time.

Your one-stop-shop for long-lasting warning signs in Australia 

No matter where you’re displaying your warning signs, you want your signs to withstand the years. So, we make our signs from high-quality materials including Colorbond Steel, aluminium, high impact poly, and laminate vinyl decal. Weather-resistant and reliable, shop our collection of durable signs now.

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