Security Signs

We stock essential security signs including security camera signs and security surveillance signs. Shop online today. 

Security signs are a reliable method of letting visitors know about your business’ security policies. These signs can also be the first line of defense against potential thieves, intruders, and criminals. 

At Safety Signs Australia, we specialise in the manufacture of security signs for all industries and environments, including but not limited to hospitals, construction sites, and retail. Our collection includes security camera signs, security surveillance signs, restricted area signs, and much more.

In line with Australian legislation, our security signs feature a yellow background and bold black text on a white background. Bright and recognisable, it’s impossible to miss our security surveillance signs. Alternatively, you might choose one of our notice signs with a blue banner instead. 

We’re committed to manufacturing durable, long-lasting security signs. Shop the collection online for fast and free shipping.

A wide range of vibrant and recognisable security surveillance signs.

Each premises or business has its own unique security risks. At Safety Signs Australia, we aim to increase safety and security throughout Australia, which is why our collection of security signs is so extensive. We offer:

  • Trespassers will be prosecuted signs
  • Video surveillance signs
  • Door is alarmed signs
  • Car park surveillance signs
  • Building surveillance signs
  • Guard dog signs
  • Restricted area signs
  • No admittance signs
  • No authorised persons signs
  • And more!

Can’t find the ideal security sign for your premises? Get in touch with our team to have a custom security surveillance sign made for your business. 

All of our signs are made in-house at our New South Wales workshop. Just let us know the required colours, materials, sign sizing, and symbols, and we’ll print a custom sign in bright, recognisable colours.

We’ll even throw in a free laminate coating on all orders. This will ensure your security signs resist cracking, peeling, and fading in the harsh Australian sun.

Security camera and surveillance signs made from long-lasting materials 

We know security signs are often displayed outdoors. So, we make our signs from high-quality materials including Colorbond Steel, aluminium, high impact poly, and laminate vinyl decal, our signs are weather-resistant, reliable, and designed to withstand the years, no matter the use.

Shop security signs online with Safety Signs Australia, or get in touch to have a custom sign made today.