Restricted Area Signs

Keep unauthorised individuals out of private or potentially hazardous areas with our restricted access signs.

Security is an essential part of any business, property, facility, or worksite. Certain areas need to be restricted to protect visitors and team members from entering potentially dangerous areas, or to keep unauthorised individuals out of private areas. 

Restricted access signs help visitors and team members avoid workplace hazards, or keep people away from areas with valuable property, like heavy machinery, money and financial information, sensitive documents, and work computers.

After seeing these signs, unauthorised personnel will know they need security clearance to access the area. Alternatively, restricted area signs can also represent a friendly reminder to intruders to keep out – it’s not safe to pass the restricted sign.

At Safety Signs Australia, we manufacture and specialise in restricted area signs. We stock a huge range of warning signs, notice signs, and quality signs for workplaces of all shapes and sizes. Browse the range online!

Restricted access signs for all situations and scenarios. 

Our restricted access signs cover a wide range of situations, including but not limited to: 

  • Do not enter staff only signs
  • All visitors must report to reception signs
  • Do not enter signs
  • Construction work in process signs
  • Entrance for employees only signs
  • High voltage: keep out signs
  • No admittance signs
  • No parking signs
  • Private property signs

These signs are designed to keep visitors and team members safe from harm or potential fines. If you can’t find the perfect restricted access sign for your business, make sure to get in touch with our team – we can make a custom restricted access sign to make your workplace a safer place.

Just let us know the required colours, sign sizing, materials, and symbols you need, and we’ll do the rest. It’s never been simpler to shop safety signs online.

Tough and reliable restricted area signs – designed to go the distance.

Our restricted area signs are made from the most durable materials available in the signage industry, including Colorbond Steel, aluminium, laminated vinyl decal, and high impact poly.

Designed to withstand the elements, these signs will resist cracking, peeling, or fading in the great outdoors. Our signs also come with a free laminate coating to ensure your signs go the distance.  

Shop restricted access signs online today with Safety Signs Australia, or get in touch for a custom sign today.