No Smoking Signs

Encourage healthy habits and a smoke-free environment with our no smoking safety signs

No smoking signs have become a key part of Australia’s smoke-free culture. With more legislation and increasing restrictions on smoking in public areas, there has been an increase in the demand for no smoking signs throughout Australia. 

At Safety Signs Australia, we have a large selection of no smoking signs to choose from. Perfect for a wide range of applications like shopfronts, pubs, workplaces, and construction sites, our no smoking signs are clear, concise, and easily recognisable.

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No smoking signs are a legal requirement for commercial businesses in Australia

According to Health NSW, no smoking signs must be displayed within a commercial outdoor dining area. No smoking signs feature a black, white, and red colour scheme. Alternatively, designated smoking area signs and “think tidy” signs are green with a white border.

Our range of no smoking safety signs covers a wide range of situations and scenarios. Our collection includes but is not limited to: 

  • Dispose of cigarette butts correctly signs
  • Explosives – no smoking signs
  • Flammable materials signs
  • No naked flames signs
  • No smoking area signs
  • No smoking except in designated area signs
  • No matches or open flame signs
  • Smoke-free workplace signs

Whether you’re running a restaurant or working on a construction site with hazardous chemicals and flammable materials, no smoking signs are an absolute essential for a safe and healthy workplace.

Can’t find the no smoking sign you’ve been looking for? Make sure to get in touch with our team. We can make a custom no smoking safety sign based on your needs and requirements. Let us know your preferred colours, sizing, materials, and symbols. We’ll print a high-quality, laminated sign that’s perfect for your business.

Tough no smoking safety signs made to withstand the elements

Along with vibrant colours and recognisable designs, our no smoking signs come in a range of tough, reliable materials like Colorbond Steel, aluminium, high impact poly, and laminated vinyl decal.

We also offer a free laminate with every order, so your signs won’t peel, fade, or crack over time. Whether they’re displayed indoors or outdoors, our signs will withstand the elements and keep your premises safe for years to come.

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