Mandatory Signs

Keep team members and visitors safe with our range of workplace mandatory signs

Sometimes, the safest option isn’t always the most obvious.

Mandatory signs remind team members and visitors about the applicable rules when entering or working in a dangerous area. Some workplaces have more risks than others, but mandatory signs can help visitors and staff members understand the seriousness of the situation and the consequences of not following the rules.

At Safety Signs Australia, we’re committed to keeping Australian workplaces safe, so we’ve designed a range of tough mandatory signs to show everyone how to stay safe on the premises. Browse the range online!

The largest range of mandatory signs Australia has to offer

Australian Standard 1319 states that mandatory signs must have a recognisable blue and white colour scheme. These signs often have the word “MUST” in the text and provide instructions for the reader to keep themselves safe.

We have an extensive collection of workplace mandatory signs, including but not limited to: 

  • Accidents must be reported signs
  • Breathing apparatus signs
  • Dust mask signs
  • Ear and hearing protection signs
  • Eye protection signs
  • Face protection signs
  • Foot protecting signs
  • Fall arrest equipment signs

Our mandatory signs cover a wide range of dangerous situations, including construction sites with lots of dust and falling objects, workplaces using hazardous chemicals, and any workplace big or small who tends to be accident-prone.

However, if you can’t find the perfect signs for your business, make sure to get in touch with our team. We can make a custom mandatory sign based on your unique needs and requirements. Just let us know the colours, materials, sizing, and symbols you need, and we’ll print a high-quality sign for you.

Long-lasting mandatory signs made right here in Australia 

Along with recognisable colours and designs, our workplace mandatory signs come in a range of tough, high impact materials like Colorbond Steel, aluminium, high impact poly, and laminated vinyl decal.

We also offer a free laminate with every order, so your signs won’t peel, fade, or crack over time. Whether they’re displayed indoors or outdoors, our signs will withstand the elements and keep your premises safe for years to come.

Shop mandatory signs online with Safety Signs Australia. Fast, affordable shipping Australia wide.