Traffic Cones

Keep your worksite safe with our range of traffic cones and safety cones, available in a variety of colours.

Traffic cones are essential for any project where a section of road, a lane or any designated area needs to be sectioned off and clearly marked for vehicles and pedestrians.

Safety Signs Australia offers top quality, durable and clearly visible traffic cones in a range of bright colours for use in both public and private areas. These traffic cones are designed to be used both night and day with a UV resistant design to ensure the colours remain bright and visible.

In addition, our traffic cones are fitted with a reflective collar to ensure they are visible during any night work.

Safety Signs Australia is an Australian owned and operated company with a proud history of working with local organisations across the country to implement safe working conditions in a wide variety of industries. We’re committed to improving the safety of worksites and workplaces throughout Australia.

View our range of traffic cones online now and enjoy fast, affordable shipping throughout the country.