Road Safety Signs

Australian road signs for sale online. Keep our roads safe.

Road safety signs are essential for regulating traffic as well as warning and guiding road users for safe and efficient travel during construction or road maintenance. 

These signs must be bright, recognisable, and tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Most road signs have a yellow and black colour scheme, or red and black elements on a white background. These colours are recognisable for all drivers on Australian roads.

At Safety Signs Australia, we’re committed to manufacturing high-quality road signs that can withstand the elements and improve the safety of drivers on Australian roads. We stock a comprehensive range of traffic signs and road work signs in accordance with legislation throughout the country.

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A wide range of traffic and road signs online.  Find the safety solution you’ve been looking for.

We know traffic conditions can be diverse. Without the proper signage, drivers can become confused and frustrated – more inclined to break the law and endanger workers on site as well as pedestrians and other drivers. 

We stock a wide range of road safety signs to combat this, including but not limited to: 

  • Speed limit signs
  • Warning signs including concealed driveway signs, gravel road signs, “end road divided signs, and crest signs
  • No exit and no entry signs
  • No right or left turn signs
  • One way and one lane signs
  • Roundabout, traffic island, and speed bump signs

Need a specific road safety sign, but can’t see it on our website? Make sure to get in touch with our team to get a custom road sign made for your business. 

All of our signs are made in-house at our New South Wales workshop. Just let us know the required colours, materials, sign sizing, and symbols, and we’ll print a custom sign in bright, recognisable colours.

We’ll even throw in a free laminate coating on all orders. This will ensure your road safety signs resist cracking, peeling, and fading in the harsh Australian sun.

Tough, long-lasting road safety signs made from weather-resistant materials 

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Our road safety signs are made with high-quality materials including Colorbond Steel, aluminium, high impact poly, and laminate vinyl decal. These materials are weather-resistant, reliable, and designed to withstand the years, no matter the environment.

Buy road signs online today with Safety Signs Australia, or get in touch for a custom sign.