Road Safety Signs, Traffic Signs & Guide Signs

Keep your roads safe with our range of road signs, traffic signs, and guide signs, all made in accordance with various state legislatures.

Road safety signs, traffic signs, and guide signs help to regulate traffic, plus warn and guide road users for safe and efficient transit during construction or road maintenance.

These signs need to be recognisable and tough to withstand the elements. At Safety Signs Australia, we’re committed to creating road signs that can last the years and improve the safety on Australian roads.

We stock a comprehensive range of traffic signs and road work signs in accordance with various state legislation. Available in multiple durable materials like Colorbond Steel and high impact poly, our signs are second-to-none when it comes to quality.

If your business needs a specific road sign and you can’t see it on our website, get in touch with the team from Safety Signs Australia. All of our signs are made in-house and can be custom made to your specifications. Just let us know your signage needs and we can digitally print a custom range of signs, complete with bright, recognisable colours and a free laminate coating.

This coating is essential for signs that are kept outdoors in the sun and the weather. It prevents road and traffic signs from shipping, fading, cracking and peeling in the hot Australian sun.

Our prices are competitively low, but our signs are the best quality in the safety signage business. Browse our range online and enjoy our simple checkout experience.

Plus, we offer fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia, ensuring your experience with us is as swift and convenient as possible. Shop now!