Reflective Tape & Safety Tape

Improve visibility on your worksite with our range of reflective safety tape

Reflective tape is designed to improve visibility in potentially hazardous work conditions. For example, reflective tape can make all the difference in the mining sector, where miners are engulfed in darkness and low vis conditions. The bright, fluorescent colours can help to prevent trips, slips, and falls, making the mining site a safer place.

Reflective safety tape is an absolute essential for the mining sector, construction sites where night work is required, road works, firefighting, buses and public transport, truck driving, and even personal pedestrian use.

No matter the situation, if it’s dark or low vis, reflective tape is an absolute must. At Safety Signs Australia, we stock a huge range of reflective strips, adhesive tapes, and signs to improve visibility. Browse the range online.

Eye-catching reflective strips and reflective tape for vehicles

Reflective strips and tape are a legal requirement for truck drivers, buses, and worksites using heavy machinery. Large vehicle collisions can cause serious damage and even death, so it’s important these vehicles have the best visibility possible.

Our bulk, diamond-grade reflective tape comes in a wide range of recognisable colours, including:

  • Blue reflective tape
  • Red reflective tape
  • White reflective tape
  • Yellow reflective tape

We also offer slimline reflective strips in all of these colours. These pipe-shaped delineators are designed to warn drivers on mining sites about intersections, hazards, and unmarked roads. Wrapped in our diamond-grade reflective tape, these delineator pipes are crucial for the mining sector. 

We also offer flashing lights to help warn miners, workers, and drivers about hazards ahead in dark conditions.

Reliable adhesive reflective tape that’s made to last.

Our reflective tape is diamond-grade, meaning it’s durable enough to last several years without peeling, cracking, or fading. Plus, the adhesive is strong and reliable enough to stick to large vehicles and heavy machinery, without slipping away in wet conditions.

Our reflective safety tape, reflective strips, and flashing lights are compliant with government regulations, providing enough light to keep your employees and visitors safe.

Shop reflective tape in a wide range of vibrant colours with Safety Signs Australia. Fast, affordable shipping Australia wide.