Mining Signs

Promote safety in your facility with our selection of high visibility mining signs, available in a range of tough materials.

Miners are exposed to a wide range of risks and hazards each time they enter the mine, and with visitors frequently entering the site, the exposure to danger is heightened tenfold.

Australian Government legislation requires all mining sites to have correct and appropriate safety signage to encourage a safe working environment for both miners, visitors and managers. Here at Safety Signs Australia, it’s our goal to promote safe work conditions and ensure miners are reminded of hazards and areas which could cause potential harm.

We have a huge selection of mining safety signage available for purchase online, including fire safety signs, first aid signs and emergency exit signs so miners are aware of dangers on site.

We also provide flashing lights, delineators and reflective tape to make sure your site is safe, prepared for hazards and compliant with government regulations. It’s crucial to keep workplace safety at the forefront of your mind and, overall, is an essential part of running a successful mining operation.

Safety Signs Understand the needs of the mining industries. Browse our range of high visibility safety signage and keep your workers safe and informed.